Wednesday, January 23, 2008

We are in a lull on the political front, oh well. On the market front, the DOW is down about 150 so far today. It did not bottom as much as was expected yesterday, but today is a new day. Everybody hang in there and get really good at making beans and cornbread, because that may be all we can afford to eat in the near future.

On the Green Front I would like to introduce you to an organization that will help you reduce your spending and consumption, which in turn should lessen your carbon footprint. The information you find at this site should also help you with saving money which, as mentioned above, we are all going to have to start doing because we will not have any. This organization is called the New American Dream and can be found at . One of the more interesting features on this site is their "Alternative Gift Registry." You can pick organizations that you would like money to be sent to instead of having someone give you something that you do not need or want. Check this organization out and maybe we can all start reducing and reusing together. Now all I have to find out is how to effectively recycle in a town that does not care about such things.

On the Crochet Front Sorry I am a day late with this, but I finished my vest.

This pattern can be found on p.32 of the January, 2008 Crochet! magazine. This vest is titled Good Times Vest and it was designed by Darlene Dale for Caron International. I, however, worked it using Lion Brand Homespun, color #336 Barrington, which is a purple. I am showing it here tied with a ribbon, the pattern called for a button and I have also closed it with a great pin. I don't know which I will use when I wear it, maybe it will be different depending on the day and what I am wearing it with. This vest would go great with a skirt or jeans. And, like I wrote in a previous post, I made this according to the 2x instructions, it fits great and I always wear a 3x. Crochet! magazine can be found at and on most magazine stands. I recently listened to a new crochet podcast, you should all check it out. It is called The Crochet Side and can be found on itunes and at . Listen and enjoy.
Happy crocheting,

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PeWee said...

BEAUTIFUL job on the vest!