Wednesday, January 30, 2008

McCain won Florida and America's mayor is out, but the new buzz is that this is going to produce a McCain/Giuliani ticket for the Republican party. I don't know about the rest of you, but that is just too scary for me. We will never get out of the war with that duo. I think I really should have been a Quaker, I am such a pacifist, but why do we have to kill each other. Things are getting a bit more interesting as people drop out of the race, Tuesday should be fun. I realized last night as I was watching the returns and crocheting, that I would rather have a party for return watching then for the Superbowl. I had to keep calling my mother when something would happen, if I had had a room full of people we could have all just gotten into it right then. It would have been fun. (If you are wondering why I would not just make comments to my dear husband and dear son, well, lets say they don't see things the way I do, but we love each other. Therefore, this year my mother, who usually does not vote, will be voting so that she and I can cancel out my husband and son's votes. You have to think these things through strategically you know.)

On the Green Front I would like to talk to you about a great magazine that I just love, Mother Earth News, . I know that this magazine has been around forever and you can get it anywhere, even at your grocery store, but there is so much great information in it. If you garden, which I don't or should I say can't, I kill plastic plants, this is a great resource; If you cook, there are always great recipes; and if you are just a hippie type like me, there is just neat stuff to learn. I have added a link to the magazine under Favorite-Green, pick up one today and then get a subscription. Another magazine that I love is Real Simple , it too can be found anywhere and is a little bit more upscale than Mother Earth News , but it contains some great practical tips in each issue. Plus, Real Simple has fashion articles in it and I have always been a sucker for the latest fashion trends, I am working real hard to get away from that, but, well, it doesn't hurt to just look, does it? Real Simple can be found at and I have added a link under Favorite-Green. In the future I will have to put together a blog about sustainable clothing and fabrics.

On the Crochet Front My Hippo is coming together great. This is the first time I have ever made an animal and it is going to be so cute. If you have had success in making cute crocheted toys, send me the pictures and I will post them here so that everyone can enjoy them.

On the Weight Loss Front I walked yesterday and it was so pretty outside at the time I was out. I love to walk. To me walking is like meditation in motion. I have tried to meditate and be silent and still, but I guess I just have too much of a "monkey mind" to be that still, but with walking I feel I get the same benefits. As far as the diet thing, I have eaten meat the past two days and I am now not sure if I really want to give it up. I know that it would be better for me and the the planet and the animals, but it is so hard when the rest of your family is never going to go along with it. I, like many women, am the grocery buyer and cook for the house and unless I want my family to eat fast food all of the time, I just can't buck the system. I feel a responsibility to my husband and son. I know this may be weak excuses, but, right now, it is the way I feel. So, as far as weight loss, I am totally watching what I eat and sort of counting points with Weight Watchers Online. I have not been very faithful about actually writing everything down, but I am keeping a general count in my head and think before I put something in my mouth.

Send comments, questions and pictures of crochet. Also, send me any great blogs or websites that you have found.



Teresa said...

I've made a few animals myself, without patterns. You can see them here at my blog, or in my shop I'd love to share the patterns, but I still have to figure them out :)

kristina rose said...

i am vegan and live with a meat eater too. i understand your troubles. i rely on meals where i (or he) cooks the meat and every veggie separate. it works. taco night works excellent for this. and sushi, asian food, pizza, etc. just reducing your meat is helpful.