Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sorry, no crochet post today. I did not finish my vest, but I did start a cute preemie-blanket to give to charity. Why do all crafters do this? Why is there such a thrill in "starting" a new project? Don't get me wrong, I get a thrill from finishing a project, but it is still more fun to start one.

Will any of us have any money after today? It seems the whole world economy is going to hell in a hand basket. The FED even cut rates by .75 basis points and the futures are still down almost 500 points. Why did mortgage companies make all these loans to people they had to know would not be able to pay. I think a 2 year old would understand that someone making $50,000 a year can not pay for a $300,000 house. The other thing is, why don't home builders build smaller homes? I grew up in a 2 bedroom, maybe 1200 sq ft home and I now live in a 3 bedroom maybe 1500 sq ft home and my life is great. My dear husband and I knew that we could pay for our house at the time we purchased it even if we never had an increase in income. Why are people betting on making more money when they go to buy a house? You may not make more money, at some point you may even make less. I don't understand any of this from a logical point of view, but we are in a big mess now and I hope the economy pulls itself out.

Did ya'll watch the Democratic debate on CNN last night? I am kind of glad the writers are on strike. This stuff is getting good. At one point I thought Hillary and Obama were going to go from debate mode to Celebrity boxing mode. We may actually be going back to the days when there is a fight to the death and who ever is living rules the world. I have never heard such personal attacks. I think it makes the debate seem more honest, because you always know that this is what the candidates are thinking about each other, well now they are just going to come out and say it. After having said all of that though, I think that John Edwards won the debate, because he was the only one who stayed on point and talked about issues instead of who had the better campaign spouse.

On the Goal Front As I mentioned in my previous blog on my goals for the new year, I said that I wanted to have people come over to the house more. Well, there is a reason I made this goal and there is a reason I previously was hesitant to have people over. Saturday my dear husband played golf with his usual group and decided to invite one of the guys back to the house for dinner. That morning I threw a great roast into the crockpot, I made black-eyed peas, rice, green beans, cornbread, and cherry crisp. I know I can cook, its just the rest of it. I cleaned the house, which was not too bad and had everything ready to serve when they came in from the course. We had finished eating and the guys were watching something on UTUBE and laughing when I looked over at the bar where I had but the food out to serve and there, on the bar, was my dear son's big fat cat helping himself to the roast. I was horrified. Luckily the person who had joined us for dinner is a vet and understands animals. But, this is the reason I do not entertain.


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