Monday, January 21, 2008

Do ya'll know what the "I Have a Dream" speech was referring to? Today is Martin Luther King day, and we honor him as the ultimate leader of the civil rights movement, but do most of us know what he was working toward when he was killed? "At the time of his death, King was working on anti-poverty and antiwar issues." (Yahoo News, mlk-legacy) King felt that there would never be racial equality unless there was overall equality and to have that issues like poverty and the Vietnam War needed to be addressed and changed. A race of people could not be equal if they could not get themselves out of poverty. As to the war issue, King was against violence so being against war was just a natural extention of this view. I would have been 5 when King was killed and I was 3 months old when Kennedy was killed and looking back at this time from a historical perspective, these men seem to have done great things. I can't think of a single person since that time that we feel were as great as these men. Is it because you can't see these things when you are living in them, or has there just not been anyone? Think about this and leave comments with your thoughts and ideas.

I did watch the Las Vegas caucus, and it was a hoot seeing a group of people have a political meeting with a big banner for Caesar's Palace in the background. I think that one of the interesting things that seems to be happening during these primaries is that the media cannot rely on the polls. Everyone was so sure that there were going to be great numbers of workers at these mobile precincts and that seemed not to be the case. Also, some how, and this has not been talked about in the media much, Hillary was said to have won Nevada, but Obama came away with more delegates. How does that work? And why does South Carolina have its Republican primary one weekend and the Democratic primary the next weekend? Isn't that a big waste of money to have to hold two separate elections? Is there that much animosity between the Republicans and Democrats in South Carolina that they can't be in the same place at the same time? It just seems like a big waste to me.

On the Green Front We went to a friends house to watch last nights Green Bay game, those people are nuts sitting out in below zero weather to watch grown men run into each other, and they had solar powered landscaping lights. They were so cool. They looked just like electric landscape lights except each light had a little solar panel on the top of it. The light that it produced last night was not terribly bright, but this is the middle of winter. I can't wait to see how well they work when the days start getting longer and they can charge more during the sunlight hours. Get out there and find some of these green solutions and let me know about them.

On the Crochet Front I have almost finished my vest. If I can finish it today, tomorrow will be a Tuesday Crochet Blog and I will have pictures. This vest is so cute and it has taken me no time to complete it. Details when finished.

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Bobby said...

I am going pick up some of the solar lights. But watching grown men slide around on forzen grass is fun.