Friday, January 11, 2008

After all I said about too many debates yesterday, I kind of enjoyed last nights Fox News debate. Fred Thompson finally showed some spirit and they let Ron Paul talk. I thought it was funny that they really did not let Mike Huckabee say much except on the religious aspect of marriage being between a man and a woman. I truly think that the media, whether conscious or unconscious, picks who they want to win and then skews there coverage in that direction. How will we ever know if we are making up our own minds are we are being influenced?

I feel bad. I meant to give a shout out to Dori and Val at yesterday and I forgot to. They gave a link and a shout out to Granny's Hippie Threads in this weeks podcast and I really appreciate that. If you have never listened to More Hip that Hippie, you are really missing out. These two present all things green in a most entertaining way, think Lucy and Ethel, and they review a beer and a chocolate in every episode. What is not to love about that. Go to the link above and give them a listen, you will think me I know.

There have been so many weird weather things happening all over the US lately, that I thought it was a good idea to post this Survival Preparedness list. I got it from and I thought it was one of the most complete lists of this kind that I have seen. I think we all should work on putting something like this together, I know I usually do not prepare for emergencies until they tell me the hurricane is coming this way and then you can not find a bottle of water or a loaf of bread anywhere.

Survival Supply List:

Potable drinking water - 1 gallon per person per day
Extra batteries
Food--enough non-perishable pantry food for a week
Portable butane stove (or other safe way to cook food )
A complete first-aid kit
Paper cups, plates and plastic utensils or disposable mess kits
Manual can opener
Pots and pans and other kitchen tools (if evacuating)
Candles, lamps, and lamp oil
Utility knife
Matches in a waterproof container
Plastic zip-lock bags
Aluminum foil
Plastic storage containers with lids
Needles and thread
Plastic sheeting
Wrenches to turn off household gas and water
Clean dry clothes
Pet supplies: food, water, bowls, collar/leash, litter box, I.D., carriers (if evacuation is necessary) Legal documents, insurance papers, and bank and utility bills in watertight container

Other considerations:

Keep recent computer backup discs with your Disaster Emergency Kit. (we also stash one in the safety deposit box at the bank)
Keep set of supplies in car, including food, water, first aid kit, sleeping bags, blankets, etc.
Keep your gas tanks full - Gasoline will be unavailable if the power goes out because the pumps operate by electricity. Therefore, it's a good idea to fill up regularly, especially before an approaching storm.

Please send in any other survival tips you might have. It is never too early to be ready.

On the Green Front I realized about two years ago that I had more china and real glasses and silverware than I knew what to do with, yet every time I had a party, I would buy paper and plastic everything. Why waste all that money just to add to the landfill. Now when I have a party I take out all of my china, glasses and real forks and knives. It is so much nicer, how often to you eat on real china, and it is so much easier to eat with real utensils. I know the rest of you out there are the same way. Make it a point this year to use all your real stuff and if you don't have enough, go to garage sales and flea markets to acquire enough and you are set for parties for the rest of your life. Plus, I like the fact that not all the dishes match because it just looks more fun for some reason. I also know that you are thinking, "but I will have to wash all of this." I had a very dear friend teach me that it is fun to wash dishes as a group before everyone leaves. Your kitchen is clean, you have had fun working together, and you have not increased the landfill. I also made napkins from scrap material that I had, I thought I was going to quilt, I just hemmed them and they were good to go. I just throw them in the washer when everyone leaves and they are good for the next day. We only use paper towels or napkins in this house when it is something that really has to be thrown away.


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