Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I told ya'll people would vote for Hillary, we just had to get to the right state. I hope that this win does not mean that she is going to cry every day at a rally from now until the convention. I still don't know who I want to vote for, or even who I would want to run if I could pick anyone in the world. That is not my purpose in this blog, I am just going to call them as I see them. I do, however, know that I want a change from the way things are now. And, I still can't believe that New Hampshire and Iowa practically get to decide who gets to run for president.

On the Crochet Front I worked on the Granny Square Afghan that I have in progress and need to finish soon as it is a Christmas present. I will post pictures when I have completed it. I did, however, start a new project today because I needed something to small to take with me to a friends doctors appointment. I started a beautiful scarf made out of Caron Simply Soft Shadows. If I ever get one of the snowflake motifs completed, I will post a picture.

On the Eating Better Front (I am no longer going to refer to this as weight loss or diet, because what we all need to do is to eat better.) I subscribe to a few daily e:mail newsletters and two of them today had the same theme, eat your 5 fruits and vegies a day. This reminder came from and from . In the Beliefnet article it was noted that, along with eating your vegies, if you did not smoke, got regular physical activity, and consumed moderate amounts of alcohol, you could add 14 years to your life. If they are 14 healthy, alert years I will take them. So keep the 5 fruits and vegies in mind when you are tempted to grab a candy bar or a bag of chips.

On the Green Front I think everyone should make some small changes right now, this second week of the new year, to start becoming "greener." I sat down and thought about what would make a good "green" starter kit and this is it:

ChicoBags (which we have already talked about)
Change all you light bulbs to CFL's your old ones burn out (remember to recycle your CFL's, if they burn out, at your local IKEA store.)
Stainless Steel water bottle (instead of buying bottled water which is no better than tap water anyway)
Dryer Balls (Every dryer should have balls, you no longer need dryer sheets and they speed up the drying time.)
Reusable Coffee/Tea Mug for your morning drive through Starbucks. You actually get a discount at some places when you bring your own mug.

So this is what I am going to refer to as the Granny's Hippie Threads "Green" Starter Kit, and I have added all the items under Green Favorites. Put yours together soon.

Sorry so late with the blog, will do better tomorrow.


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