Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Hillary cried. Was it real? The media has shown it a million times now, but I still can not tell. I could understand if it was real, though. I think it would be horrible to put as much time and effort into campaigning, be in first place for over a year, only to see it all fall apart when the actual voting started. And I know I should not feel this way because, after all, I am a woman, too, but it is not often that you see a presidential candidate fall apart and cry at a rally. I am not sure how I feel about this event from a women's rights perspective. I will have to reflect on it.

Last night I took a great teleclass on goal setting for the new year from Kimberly Wilson of Hip Tranquil Chick fame. It really made me think about how people, myself included, can just drift through life if they have no concrete goals. Goals need to be written down and they need to have deadlines attached to them or they are of no use. After I have written mine down, if I am comfortable with them, I will write them here for all of you to see. The reason I say, "if I am comfortable," is that I have one dear sister-in-law who will keep me honest if she knows about them. Also, from the class last night I met another blogger who I have linked to this page: http://yogaandalatte.wordpress.com Check it out I think it will be a great read and reference.

On the Green Front I was asked a great question yesterday from my above mentioned dear sister-in-law. She was wondering if you always use reusable shopping bags, and you never get any plastic ones, what do you use to line your bathroom trashcans? Well, my goal of no plastic bags is a personal goal. I cannot control my dear husband or my dear son, so, plastic bags do, unfortunately, make it into our house and I do use them in my bathroom trashcans, but there are much better alternatives. At Amazon you can get biodegradable bags for all your trash needs, and I have added them to my Green Favorites. They are called biobags and they come in all different sizes for all different needs.

On the yoga and weight loss front I had a great Vinyasa practice yesterday and am going to try to walk today. I have been doing my "morning pages" from The Writer's Diet, and I am really enjoying the process.

Please feel free to comment on any of the items I have written about and, if you would like, share some of your New Year's goals.


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