Thursday, January 10, 2008

I think we are about debated out. I just glanced at the TV and Fox News is having a Republican debate tonight. Maybe it would be different if different questions were asked or if the candidates actually changed their answers on topics, but they don't. They give the same speeches at every rally or debate or talk show or Sunday Morning Political show or what ever. The most notable candidate of this is John Edwards. I am almost to the point of being able to give his speech for him and I don't even really think I like him. Well, I guess I could just stop watching the debates, but what if someone actually did something different, I would miss it and new junky that I am, I could not stand that.

On the Green Front Let's discuss "green" cleaning. Even before I became an environmental advocate, I used environmentally friendly cleaning products because I am very sensitive to smells and things getting on my skin. I can be around the wrong thing for just a short period of time and I will have a sinus infection. As a result of this sensitivity, I have gathered a selection of "green"cleaning products that I really like. (I still hate to clean, but at least if I have to, I won't get sick doing it.) I love all Mrs. Meyers products. They come in a number of different scents and can be found at Whole Foods in our area. I will also include them on my Green Favorites because you can also purchase them from Amazon, in fact, there are some items I have only found on Amazon. My favorite scent is the Lemon Verbena, but I am sure they are all great. Don't be scared by the price, they last longer than any product I have ever bought at the grocery store. I have a bottle of the All Purpose Concentrate that I mix in a spray bottle that is only about half used and I know that I bought it probably two years ago. Also, most of the Method products found at Target stores are great, too, they just have a stronger scent than Mrs. Meyers. Like the ChicoBags, buy one new environmentally friendly cleaning product a month and slowly transition. Your lungs, skin and the world will thank you.

On the Being Healthy Front (I have really got to come up with a title for this section instead of changing it everyday) I have already written my morning pages and walked today. It was a dreary walk because it is kind of misty, foggy here, but I think that you can find a certain kind of pleasure in all climates, unless, of course, it is 102 in the shade. Today I am going to make a conscious effort to get in my 5 fruits and vegies and drink more water.

I said that I would publish my goals for 2008 and I thought since this is already the second week, I better get to it. Here they are:

I want to lose 50 pounds this year-I know that is a lot, but that is only 1 pound a week. I will give you weekly updates on the Sunday Weight Loss edition the the blog.
I want to continue this blog on a daily basis-I am currently attending college to get a Masters in Literature. One of the things that I would like to do is write, so this is an avenue to make myself write a little bit every day. And, for those of you who know me, I kind of like a forum to give my opinions. lol
I want to do some form of exercise 5 times per week-This can be Yoga or walking or whatever, just something. If I don't lose weight at least I will be moving and making my heart pump on a regular basis.
I want to invite people to our home more-I am not the worlds best housekeeper, I just think there are other things that I would rather be doing, but as a result of knowing this about myself, I am very self-conscious about our house and am not comfortable with others being here. I am going to get over that this year. Our house is what it is, I will keep it sanitary but probably still cluttered, but I want to have people over for dinner and to have a good time. I love to cook and I love to be with friends and family. I think this will be my hardest goal.

I think that these are enough goals for now. If I think of more I will add them in the coming days. Please feel free to share your goals with us here as well. Don't make me the only one out there on a limb.


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nicky said...


I saw your post on the HTC forum and I love your blog! I pretty much have the same 2008 goals as you! (including the 50lbs, exercising and being more social). I'm also working on my PhD, so I'm trying to get better about writing on a consistent basis as opposed to rushing at the end! I look forward to reading and keeping myself in check!