Sunday, January 27, 2008

Skinny Bitch Weight Loss

This is the Sunday weight loss blog. I have almost finished listening to Skinny Bitch. Like I mentioned earlier when I talked about this book, if you are at all offended by "sailor" language, do not read this book. It is rather like being taught about nutrition and weight loss by the Osbornes, but with out the bleeps. There is a lot of great information in this little book though. It gives a no-holds-barred account of the meat and dairy industry. If you do not want to know where the meat you eat and the dairy you consume comes from, how it is raised, how it is treated, what it is fed and how it is slaughtered, you do not need to read this book. I have researched a lot about our food supply so none of this was new to me, but this book does not give a gentle introduction into these topics. It is rough.

Now with all of the warnings out of the way, the premise of this book is to become a whole foods vegan. No refined sugar, no white flour, no artificial sweetener, no nothing that is bad for you, all of the things that we pretty well know all ready. The other part is to be a vegan, that means no animal products at all, no meat, no dairy, nothing. I am not there yet. I know that it is the right way to go for many different reasons, the most important being your health, but soy ice cream just does not do it for me. I am, however, going to work towards this as a goal. I went to the grocery yesterday and bought some supplies and it is always easier to be good during the week, so tomorrow I am going to buckle down. I worked out for the past two days and I plan on doing something today, so I am making progress in that respect.

Please send me comments and let me know all of the great things you are doing.



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kristina rose said...

i am really glad i read skinny bitch. i was also put off by the title. however once i gave it a chance i could not put it down. i was already vegan when i read it but it helped me with a lot questions i had and i received from others. i was also able to defend myself. being vegan is the best choice i ever made in my life (ok, going to college is the best, this would be second best *laughs*)

p.s. purely decadent soy delicious peanut butter zig zag is sooooo good! you should try it.