Sunday, February 03, 2008

Well today is my weight loss blog. I have lost maybe 2 pounds since I have started this. Not alot, but something. School and life seemed stressful last week and this weekend so I have not been eating well. I have, however, already practiced yoga today and I am going to eat a healthy Amy's Garden Lasagna for lunch, so maybe I can get things back on track. I will be going to a Super Bowl party this evening so I will just have to watch what I eat. I made some great salsa and fruit dip to take. It should be a lot of fun since no body really cares who wins since Dallas is not involved.

Send comments about your Super Bowl parties and who you are pulling for.



Anonymous said...

Actually, some of us are excited that the Cowboys weren't in the Super Bowl. GO GIANTS! AND ELI!

Rebecca said...

Thank you for sharing your blog!