Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I finished the first season of 24 and I vowed that I would not try and find the second season. That resolve lasted maybe 5 seconds. I got all 6 DVD's from Blockbuster yesterday and I have already watched the first 4 hours. I still don't get how people can watch this week to week. I have to know what is going to happen next. I am not saying that this show is perfect, because I think the story line with is daughter is a bit much, but it is great. I love politics and this is right up my ally.

On the Crochet Front I want to let you know about a great new Ravelry group I have found and there is also a blog. It is the Crochet Liberation Front and can be found at http://www.crochetliberationfront.blogspot.com/ and in Ravelry groups. This group is for all of us who are true crocheters and don't think that knitting is a superior craft. I have tried to knit and crochet is just more versitile. I welcome all knitters though but, for me crochet is my art of choice. Please check this group out and let us raise our hooks in support of crocheters everywhere.
Unfortunately because I have been trying to knit socks, I have no finished projects this week. If I finish something later or even get enough of something done that you can tell what it is, I will post a picture.

On the Weight Loss Front My food arrived last night and I started this morning. I had Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal with Raisins (my fruit that I had to add) and a container of yogurt (again my dairy that I had to add). For those of you who are not familiar with Nutri System, what they give you are your entries and snacks, you have to add your own fruit, vegies, and dairy. The bad thing about my starting now is that I have terrible sinus issues and don't feel like working out, but maybe I will make myself walk when I publish this and that will help my sinuses. Wish me luck.



Sandytoo said...

Good luck with your weight loss, Laura. I am trying AGAIN to lose weight. I lost 40 pounds and gained it all back...WAHHH!! Oh well, one of these times I will get it right :)


dancnyogi, a.k.a. me! said...

thanks for sharing the newest crochet group and especially for your comments on your love of crochet. i too am an avid crocheter (sp?) and have often felt like a bit below the knitting needles. i'm still working on learning to knit, i like it, i think it's nice, but i LOVE my crochet. crochet lovers unite!! (i know probably a bit over the top, but it's late, i'm tired, and a bit silly!)