Friday, February 22, 2008

I know that you have been waiting for some political commentary. I just don't think politically when I can not breath, but hopefully that has passed. Last night's debate was about as exciting as the Saturday night we sat in my dear sister-in-law's kitchen and watched chickens rotate on her new Show Time grill. (I am not lying, you could not make something like that up.) Hillary is going to be out of the race and not once was their a fist fight. I like hockey, I want some body slams to show me that the candidates are passionate about what they believe and that they want it enough to fight for it. I don't think we have that on either side so what do we do? I think we should lobby for a "none of the above" option and if that is what wins, both parties have to get rid of everyone who ran the first time and start over. The only bad thing with this is that Bush would have to stay in office until it was all figured out and I don't want him in office on second longer than is necessary by the constitution.

On the Green Front Did you know that there are eco-limosine companies. Ideal Bite has an article on it today. I am glad that the rich and famous have this option, but does this make since. It is kind of like a hybrid SUV, can't we just go with smaller transpartation? I am sure that these hybrid limos get better milliage than their traditional counter parts, but I doubt they get 30 miles to the gallon. Oh well, the stars can still arrive on the red carpet in "green" style.

On the Crochet Front I promised a sock picture yesterday and here it is:

I am actually knitting a sock that looks like a sock. I am beyone excited. When I get it finished I will post of picture with it actually on someone's foot, maybe my own. I feel like I have climbed a mountain. Of course it was made of yarn, but it was still my mountain to climb.
On the Yoga Front I have not practiced any this week. I am going to practice as soon as I publish this post. I think that my lack of practice led to my whole sinus thing. Deep breathing helps everything. Namaste

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