Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I feel really bad that I did not post yesterday, but I just had a lot of deadlines I needed to get a handle on. Have any of you filled out all of the paperwork required for applying for scholarships? I think I would rather take another class, but it is done now for this year so let's all hope I get some money because I need it.

While I was filling out all of the forms and writing essays, I listened to some of the debate. I don't think Hillary has a chance against Obama and I am not ever sure that it is Obama the person that she is up against. Obama has turned into something more, like an ideal and no human will be able to stand up to that. Also, no human is as perfect as an ideal seems, so at some point the polish is going to wear off Obama and then what will we have?

On the Crochet Front I promised pictures of my foot in my completed sock and here it is:
It is made from Bernat Satin Sport yarn in beige color # 03010, I made it from the "Basic Sock" pattern in Learn to Knit Socks, 12 Designs in Sport Weight Yarn, by Edie Eckman. It was fun and challenging and now I have to make the second one so I have a pair.
On the Weight Loss Front I am sending the Nutri System back for a refund. It tastes horrible and I was still having to cook for my family anyway so we were spending twice as much on food. I have just got to cut back on what I eat and exercise. The old fashioned way. I have got to get all of these food rules and issues out of my head and just live a normal life and if I never lose, oh well, as long as I am exercising and healthy that is what really matters.
On the Green Front I had to buy a whole cart of yarn yesterday at Hobby Lobby. My dear son and his friend have requested bowling motif blankets for their graduation presents. I had to create the pattern myself because there are no bowling blanket patterns out there. I am writing the pattern as I go so that I can sell it when they are completed, surely there are others who have bowlers to knit and crochet for. Back to the yarn, I only had one reusable bag with me and so I just carted the yarn out to my car in the shopping basket and put it lose in the back. The sales girl looked at me like I was nuts for not wanting the yarn in bags, but I explained that I did not want any plastic bags, made my purchase and went on my way. We can all do this folks. Think about it, why do you really ever need a bag, you are taking the stuff to your car anyway.
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