Monday, February 25, 2008

The campaigns are getting ugly. Now Hillary's camp is going to show a picture of Obama dressed in traditional African clothing, when he was in Africa. What does that mean? I thought Democrats were supposed to welcome everyone and not be racist. I always knew that Hillary would do "whatever" it took to become president and I think she is now feeling trapped and like she could lose. Who knows what we will see before it is over.

On the Green Front I am generally not in favor of government programs. I think that when the government gets involved things just get bogged down, but I do understand that there are good programs that could not work without government funding. On such program is the Community Food Project (CFP). CFP is funded through the Farm Bill and in the version that passed through the House, its funding is made less secure. CFP "projects help ensure that low income people have access to good, fresh food, that communities are feeding their people well, and that family farmers are able to find markets for their products." (Local Harvest Newsletter, ) One example of a CFP project is on the Tohono O'odham reservation in Arizona. The program is helping the Native people plant their traditional food items. As a result the incidences of diabetes is lessening in among these people. If you are at all interested in helping the local farm movement, drop your congressman and e:mail or phone call and let him know that you want CFP funding to continue.

Sorry so short, but I have got a ton of school work to get finished before I go to class. Don't forget to send comments and include any topics you would like for me to research.


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