Monday, February 04, 2008

Wasn't that an exciting Super Bowl? I always pull for the underdog so I am pleased that the Giants won, but can you imagine what it is like to be a Patriot today? You won every game all year, which is an amazing thing, but you lost the only truly important game. What an awful place to be in, but oh well, way to go Giants.

Tomorrow is Super Tuesday. If you are in one of the Super Tuesday states go vote. Everyone needs to become part of the process so that we can change the way things are and make things better. And remember what my dear Granny, the namesake of this blog, always said, if you don't vote you can't complain and I know that you all want to preserve your right to complain. Go vote.

On the Crochet Front I am knitting, or trying to. I decided Saturday that if everyone else can knit, then I can too. I have picked an easy pattern from the Winter 2007/2008 knit simple , p. 50. I am using Sinfarnio yarn in variegation of blues, teals, and creams. I got this yarn from Hobby Lobby. Don't forget that you can sign up for the Hobby Lobby coupons online and you get all kinds of goodies, like a 40% coupon each week. Go to to sign up. So far it looks right. I think that I dropped one stitch which might show up as a small whole, but this is the back panel and, for my first project, I am trying not to be a perfectionist or I will not get through it and then I will never learn. I have added knit simple to Favorites:Crochet . Pick up a copy and try to knit with me. Tomorrow I will have pictures of the hippo, she is cute.

On the Green Front Today, I am going to delve into the topic of recycling, which I do not do because there is no recycling program in the town where I live. I could get off of my lazy rear end and take my trash to a recycling center and this is why I am writing on this topic today, to get myself motivated and get myself a system. In the United States, "we dispose of 210 million tons of municipal waste every year," and, "combine residential and business garbage...and we have an annual pile of trash weighing 12 billion tons." "Americans receive almost 4 million tons of junk mail a year-44% is never opened." and, "Every day, U.S. Businesses generate enough paper to circle the earth 20 times." From 1960 to 1990 Americans have increased there trash per person from 2.7 pounds per day to 4.3 pounds per day. (I just had this thought, isn't it funny that our trash per person has increased as our actual body weight has increased. More processed foods means more packaging means more pounds on hips.) Starting today I am going to devise some type of container system to get my family in the recycle mode and I will then make weekly trips to the recycle center (I will combine these trips with other trips in that direction so as not to increase my can usage.). If you have any ideas, write me and let me know, I could use all the help I can get.
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