Monday, February 18, 2008

Do any of you watch 24 ? I never had and my uncle in Florida thought that was horrible so he sent me home with the first season. I am addicted. I have spent some of last week and most of this weekend watching the whole thing. I don't get how you can watch this week to week. I would be crazy waiting for the next week to see what happens. It was nice to not have to wait and see it all as fast as you can. I now have to get all of the other seasons so that I can watch them. I can't wait.

On the Green Front What are we feeding our kids at school? The FDA has issued the largest beef recall in US history.
This recall was issued when a video surfaced showing "downer" cows being fork lifted to the slaughter house. No downer cow is supposed to be slaughtered with out FDA inspection because this is one of the symtoms of BSE which causes Mad Cow Disease. (Remember in Europe and Japan they test all cows before slaughter.) 143 million pounds of beef was reacalled but 37 million pounds of this meat had already found its way into the school lunch programs. This beef has been produced over the past two years so a lot of it has already been consumed. The production of this beef dates back to February 1, 2006.

On the Crochet Front I surrender. I tried to knit a sock again last night and it is not worth it. All of you who think knitting socks is the greatest thing since sliced bread can just have at it. I am going to crochet a sock. I will post pictures when I have one completed. I am making it from the Crocheted Socks! and I am crocheting it with Pink Baby Yarn Bee from Hobby Lobby. Stay tuned for my sock adventures.

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