Friday, February 08, 2008

I'm home. Sorry so late with the post but I have been driving all day, but I am home. My aunt is better and is making a great recovery from her surgery.

I have no comments on todays events because I don't know what they were. I listened to knit and crochet podcasts all the way home. Which leads to the next:

On the Crochet Front For the past ten hours while driving down the road, I listened to the Yarn Thing podcast, and the She-Knit podcast, . I love Marley and Sharon. I have laughed the whole time and, even as tired as I am, I would love to start digging through my stash and start about a dozen different projects. You have got to give these two podcasts a listen. They can both be found on itunes as well. I am going to add both to my links.

That is all I have for today since I am still not thinking straight.


1 comment:

Yarn Thing said...

WOW, TEN HOURS OF ME? I am so glad I could entertain you my dear!!!

Sharon is a HOOT...I just love her too!