Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Could Hillary be out? I just can't believe this. I wonder if she is as surprised as everyone else. Did she think she had it in the bag? And Huckaby needs to quit spending money. I know that the Republicans don't like McCain, but someone does or he would not keep winning. Maybe America is trying to tell the Ultra-Conservative wing of the party, finally, that they are not in control and they cannot hijack a more moderate view of things. I still think someone should give Huckaby his own talk show, though. I like him and love his sense of humor and I would listen.

On the Green Front You have decided to buy locally produced food, great I hope you all have, but now you are asking how do you find it. There is an organization called Local Harvest which can help you with your quest. This organization can be found at . All you have to do is enter you zip code and how many miles you are willing to drive to find that perfect, organically grown tomato, or what ever, and it will list everything available in that area. Another way you can receive locally grown food is through a CSA, Community Supported Agriculture. Local Harvest can help you find a CSA in your area as well. The CSA that I go to, you have to pick up your "share" each week and they also have other organic goodies you can buy. It is Central City Co-op and can be found at . Go and find a farmers market close to you and buy some local food. Another thing that I have learned about is a petition to get truth in meat labeling. As we discussed before, there is no FDA requirement to label a lot of things, but newest is whether the meat is from a cloned animal. The petition can be found at: .

On the Weight Loss Front My Nutri System is still not here, hopefully today. I paid $19.95 extra for it to ship as soon as possible and when I called to check on my shipment they gave me a credit for that amount. They are very easy to work with. I will keep you updated.


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