Saturday, February 23, 2008

Saturday Morning Book Review

MaryJane's Ideabook, Cookbook, Lifebook: for the Farmgirl in All of Us
by Mary Jane Butters

This book is unlike any other book I own (and I own a lot and see nothing wrong with that). This book is about living life simpler and closer to the earth. There are chapters on celebrations, cooking the Farm Kitchen way, gardening, all kinds of stitching from crocheting to sewing to embroidery, making things with metal, wood and fiber, taking vacations outdoors, and cleaning, and personal care tips. There is just a little bit of everything. The photography is beautiful and the whole book is just inspiring. It makes you want to get out there grow something, and sew something while you have sourdough bread rising in the kitchen. This book just makes you feel good.


"Any woman who sews
or knits, or weaves,
blends colors in a tapestry
are creates a patchwork quilt,
knows by the feel
that a single thread is weak.
But the weaving,
the blending,
the intertwining
with many others
makes it strong.

Any woman alone
without friends
to sustain her,
to nurture and support,
to hold with loving arms,
like a single thread, is weak.
But the weaving,
the loving,
the nurturing of others,
the networks of friendship
makes her strong."

The Kinship of Women , 1994

I think this poem best describes the possibilities I saw after reading and looking through this book. As women, we need to reconnect with the lives our grandmother's lived. They were more authentic and closer to the earth and their things. Today we have way too many "things" and so nothing is cherished, nothing means anything. We need to get back to our creative side and create things and lives that can be cherished by us in living now and by our decendents in years to come. (Boy, I don't know where any of this is coming from, but I like it.)

I have added MaryJane's IdeaBook to Favorites-Book Review . Pick up a copy and enjoy.

Happy Reading,

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