Saturday, April 26, 2008

On the April 15th blog I gave you information about the Air Car. I have received some additional information since then from the original inventors of the Air Car. Please check out the following information:

Hi, just to let you know, the official site for the inventor of the Air Car is I made a fan website with the most current information on the 2010 North American model, the Citycat. The other models are from the 2006 prototypes that they have been road-testing in France. Our air car will be a 4-door 6-seater sedan.
Contact for the Official U.S. representative.

Some of the information is in French so if you can't read it you can still see how cute the car is. I am still making my van hang in there until some of these new things come out and I can try them.


PS Saturday Morning Book Review coming later in the day.

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