Monday, April 14, 2008

I think Hillary and Obama are about to implode on each other and we are going to be stuck with McCain and this country is, at the very best, not going to get any better, but at the worst, it could get a whole lot worse. Can't the Dems just kiss, make up and try to beat McCain? Please let's hope they turn things around before it is too late.

On the Weight Loss Front I am not losing, although I just found out today that I can work out at my college campus for free. I wish I had checked into this sooner, but live and learn. I am going to see what I have to do to sign up this afternoon. I am sure I am paying for it in all of my fees so I should take advantage of it and at least 2 days per week I can come early enough to work out before class. Also, a few days ago I told you about the cute site Hungry Girl, well her book site is up now with a sneak peek at the recipes and the WW points associated with them. Check it out at .

On the Crochet/Knit Front I have now completed the back and right front of my sweater. I have cast on the left front and have close to half of it completed. And the most exciting part is all of the pieces look like a garment. I can't wait to complete it.

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