Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Happy Tax Day. Are we all happy that we are having to give our money to an institution that spends it on a war nobody supports, not even the country we have supposedly freed? If Iraq is happy to be free then let them take over the fighting and let them pay for it with their own oil money. Surly with the price of oil these days they would get a whole lot more value compared to it being paid for with US dollars that fall on a daily basis. I wish that we could let them know what we want to pay for with our dollars. Like little boxes we could check and that is were our money would go. If that were the case it would be interesting to see what the majority of the people would want their money spent on.

On the Green Front The Air Car. Yes, it is real. A car that runs on air and the exhaust is cold air that can be directed back into the car for air conditioning. I think this is the coolest thing yet. Check out these links and keep up with, what I hope, is the wave of the future.:

Air Car Factories http://www.theaircar.com/acf/
A great article http://www.gizmag.com/go/7000/
Another model from autoblog.com http://www.autoblog.com/2007/06/01/worlds-first-air-powered-car-introduced/

I even think they look cool. They look like the cars of the future we have been promised since I was a kid. At the Air Car Factories site you can even sign up to be one of the first to have an opportunity to buy one.


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CATvolution said...

Hi, just to let you know, the official site for the inventor of the Air Car is http://www.mdi.lu. I made a fan website with the most current information on the 2010 North American model, the Citycat. The other models are from the 2006 prototypes that they have been road-testing in France. Our air car will be a 4-door 6-seater sedan.

Contact zeropollutionmotors.us for the Official U.S. representative.