Thursday, April 03, 2008

Hi all. I know two days in a row, that is almost a miracle.

On the Yoga Front I have not had a yoga post in a while because I have been very bad and not practicing, but that changed this morning. Sunday I got Quick Start Yoga for Weight Loss by Gaiam instructed by Suzanne Deason. I actually got my sizable rear out of the chair and practiced this morning. This DVD/CD combination is great. The work out is 30 minutes and very intense. It is split between standing and sitting poses and emphasizes breath work. There is breath work at both the beginning of the practice and the end. The DVD is 50 minutes long and includes both a 30 minute total body practice (that is what I did) and a 20 minute energy balancing practice. The CD is 15 minutes and guides you through a morning mini yoga practice. I will add a link for this to Favorites-Yoga. Pick up a copy and check it out.


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