Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday Morning Book Review
A New Way To Cook
by Sally Schneider

Since I am concentrating on cooking more and more healthy meals for my family I thought that I would start out our renewed Saturday Morning Book Review with a cookbook. A New Way to Cook won both the James Beard and the IACP Cookbook Awards. The cover states:

New Techniques
New Flavors
A Whole New Way to Eat
More Than 600 Recipes

I came across this book several years ago when Barns and had these classes with authors. You had access through chat rooms with other students and the books author. There were weekly assignments and projects and they were designed to work through a book. I did not get to complete the course because we had to take an unexpected trip to my aunts due to family illness, but I learned enough that I have continued to use certain things that I learned. One such item is found on page 552, it is a recipe for an Aromatic Pepper. It is a mix of different pepper corns and spices and since the first day I put this blend together in my pepper grinder I have continued to use it. These are the kinds of things that are taught in this book, recipes for different ways to add spice, marinades, salad dressings, flavored oils and vinegars. There are also instructions on how to put together ingredients in simple, flavorful ways and how to cook these ingredients in ways that are healthier and tastier. I plan on spending some quality time this morning with this book, refreshing the ideas in my memory and then I am going to plan my menu and shopping trip for the week and by this afternoon I hope to be home with great things to feed my family.

On a Personal Note: I have realized that I have a really warped relationship with food and I know that is why I am heavy. My goal now is to learn how to feed myself good healthy foods that I don't have to think about or feel guilty for eating. I think that dieting really contorts your view of food. I am going to dive deeper into this issue if only to heal myself.


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