Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Book Review
Dracula, The Un-Dead
by Dacre Stoker

Do not read this unless you have already read the classic Dracula by Bram Stoker.

When I saw this book at the book store my first thought was that some relative of Bram Stoker was trying to cash in on the success of all of the current vampire hype, Twilight Saga, and that was a shame. I kept coming back to it though and finally gave in and bought it at I had recently listened to the classic Dracula and had loved it even though I had read it many years ago and had seen all of the various movies. I was so surprised. Dacre Stoker picks up several decades after the original story and continues on the the same format. Each of the main characters tells his or her story via their written diary. Frankenstein is also written this way as well as The Color Purple. All of the old characters are back plus a couple of very important new characters; one good and one not so good. The plot is a little contrived and too coincidental, but the suspense is better than the classic. There is more violence and sex in this sequel, but I think it probably had to be there to attract today's readers. This is no Twilight. I did enjoy the story of all of the Twilight books, but I don't think anyone would say that they were high literature. Dracula The Un-Dead is as well written as it predecessor. This book is also read very well on the Audible version. Summer is about to begin and who doesn't need a little dark, scary tale to read by the pool. Just remember not to get too lost in the story or you might end up as red as the blood the vampires feed on. I have added this selection to my Amazon picks at the right so order a copy and enjoy. I am also working on adding an button so that you can jump there and find some wonderful things to listen to so keep looking to the right for this new addition.


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