Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dinner-Night Three

This does not look like nights one and two:
Brown Rice
PF Chang's new at home meals-Orange Chicken
This is the first time we have tried the new PF Chang frozen skillet meals. The Orange Chicken was very good and we had it over the brown rice. I liked it and it was very easy, all you had to do was cook in the skillet for about 15 minutes, but it was not all that cheep. Each bag was $6.99 and it only serves two so I had to get two bags for the three of us, that comes close to $14.00. That is terrible for an at home meal, but it is still cheaper than our average restaurant meal of between $35 and $40, and about the price for just one entree if you were actually eating at PF Changs. So, all in all, still a reduced price meal and we were able to eat it at home. I think that I will pick this up again for something totally different from anything that I would cook from scratch, but no more than maybe twice per month.
I am now three for three with fixing dinner and eating at home. Let's see how long the string can continue.
P.S. I am also three for three on my home yoga practice. YEA!!

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