Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Today I have no pictures to post of finished crochet and knit projects. I am working like the devil on a scarf that my sister-in-law needs by Thursday, when it is finished I will post pictures.

On the Crochet/Knit Front I would like to let you know about a great new blog that I have found. It is called A Mingled Yarn and can be found at http://amingledyarn.wordpress.com/ .
I have added it as a link in my links group. This blog deals with sewing, knitting, and books. Right up my alley. The blogger has some great original knit patterns for some beautiful tops. Check it out.

Long ago when I did my blog on goals for the year, I said that one of my goals was to have company more. Well we have friends coming in tomorrow and I am no more organized or prepared for this then I ever have been. Today is my housewife day and I am cleaning and getting the house ready. My husband and son are helping which is great.

On the Weight Loss Front I did not work out yesterday and I doubt I work out today, but I will get back on tract tomorrow, hopefully. I have really been watching what I eat.

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