Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Since I have not posted a book review in a while, I thought I would post a Saturday Morning Book Review today. The book that I am going to review is Kindred by Octvia E. Butler. It is a time travel book and the time that the main character, Dana, travels back to is the South during the time of slavery. Dana lives in 1976, she is black and she is married to a white man. As a white woman, this book has deepened my disgust toward my race and what they were capable of doing to other humans. This is not to say that if I had been born in the South during that time and this was all that I knew, that I would not have been part of the problem, but I would hope that somewhere inside of me I would know that this was wrong and work to make it right. This is a book that you will get caught up in and you will not be able to put it down, you have to know what happens next. This book is so intriguing because it looks at slavery from a black point of view, but from a modern perspective, yet it does so through a very captivating story. I think it makes this subject accessible to more people. The reason why this is such an appropriate book for right now is because of all of the racial topics being raised because of Obama's campaign. So in honor of his speech today, get a copy of Kindred and enjoy the story. If it also provokes inward thoughts, then sit a moment in silence and let yourself examine them. I think we all could use a little self-examination these days.

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