Monday, March 03, 2008

Have you seen this Jack Nicholson add yet? Supposedly it is to support Hillary, but how could he be serious. There are clips of two of the vilest characters in the movies, the Joker and his character from The Shinning, and we are supposed to feel good and vote for the person the Joker likes. Get real. Is this a plant from someone who wants to get rid of Hillary. And the end line about "saluting" a woman in the morning, this is the Commander and Chief of the strongest military force on the planet and Nicholson wants her to be "saluted" in the morning. As a strong upholder of women's rights, this offends me to no end. Check it out at:

Mind you I am not a Hillary supporter, but this is off the charts bad.

On the Crochet/knit Front I finished a scarf this weekend. I will post more tomorrow after my family goes and votes. This is my sons first election and we are going to make it a family affair, even though after we arrive at the polls I will be going to one primary and my dear son and dear husband will be going to the other. So much for family unity.

On the Green Front I blew it Saturday. I had to make an unexpected trip to Targets and I got 4 plastic bags. You should have seen how much I was making the poor clerk put in a bag. So now my total is 11 for the year. I only have 13 left and this is just the first of March. I am going to make this work and achieve my goal.

Send comments specially if you are in one of the states voting tomorrow. Let us know what it was like at your polling place.


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