Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Five years ago today we invaded Iraq. In that 5 years we have lost 3,990 American lives and have spent $406.2 Billion on the effort. I want you to think about this and let it sink in. What have we received for this loss of life and price tag? The US economy is tanking by the minute, investment banks are going under, the price for a barrel of oil is higher than ever, I think I want my money back. Yes, it is true that we have not been attacked again on US soil, but how do we know that they were even planning another attack this soon. Remember, these groups seem to wait between attacks and they do have to raise funds between attacks. Maybe it has all been worth it, but I just don't like war and I don't see anyway out of this one. Every month that we stay in Iraq it costs $12 Billion. I am sure that $12 Billion could help a lot of families who are being forced out of their homes because of foreclosure, or the people who are not able to afford their medicine and food in the same month, or the person who is forced to not have a medical procedure done because their HMO won't approve it. We have got to have a change and the only way we can do that is with our votes. Please, please, please vote this year and vote for change. I don't think we can make it another 8 years with what we have now.

Sorry about the rant, but it is how I feel and I think on this anniversary it needed to be addressed.

On a lighter note, I will have a big yarn, crochet, knitting blog tomorrow. I will be taking pictures the rest of the afternoon to prepare.


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kristina rose said...

i agree. i do not like war either. we have ourselves in so much debt and sadness. my views will be shown with my vote!