Saturday, May 17, 2008

We have one more day on the road and we will be home. Yesterday I could not blog because the internet connection was less than perfect. All we did was drive though. Today I was surprised by getting to stop at a local yarn shop in Tenn. I am not sure what the name was, but it was great. I got some sock yarn and my mother bought the yarn for the vest she wants me to crochet for her. I also got a bamboo crochet hook. This is the first one I have ever had and I love it. I told everyone in the car that that is what I want for all presents now are bamboo crochet hooks to replace my plastic ones.

We are at a less than perfect hotel tonight in Arkansas, a Super 8. I have stayed in Super 8s before that have been fine, but my husband even went and bought Clorox wipes and has cleaned the sink and bathroom. Mother picked. Hopefully we will live through it.

I hope to be blogging from home tomorrow with my kittys all around me. I miss them very much. Of course then the real world returns and I have to do mounds of laundry and clean the house. I am sure certain friends and family will be glad to hear that (you know who you are) as the last time I really cleaned house they all got to come over for dinner (I'm not promising anything).


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