Saturday, May 03, 2008

Saturday Morning Book Review

Persuasion by Jane Austen

I listened to Persuasion by Jane Austen as a Librivox recording read by the very talented Elizabeth Klett. This is an Austen book that I have not read and I just loved it like I do all of her novels. I so wish that I could have lived then, but only if I had a high social status and money. (Maybe not though, had indoor plumbing been invented yet? I draw the line at time periods where I would have to go outside to the bathroom.) Like most Austen novels the heroine, Anne, has a high social standing, but her family is not as wealthy as they should be. This novel follows Anne through her trials at finding love because, like any Austen heroine, she is of high moral fiber and will not settle for just anyone, no matter what his name is or how much money he has. The words are beautiful and the civility is unlike anything that we could hope for today. If everyone would read Jane Austen on a regular basis, I just know that we would all start having card parties, think before we speak, and just treat each other better. I am not saying that all Austen characters are saints, I am just saying that the world would be better if we tried to be civil and thoughtful and appreciative to one another.

If you have not visited the Librivox site yet, it can be found at . All of the books are read by volunteers and all of the works are in the public domain just like the Project Gutenberg site. I am sure that you can find a copy of Persuasion to read at , and I will add a link to Favorites-Book Review of the book and the movie.

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gunter said...

I listened to this recently on Librivox as well. Despite my having read this previously, I found myself picking up a lot more detail listening to it read.
Re: indoor plumbing, didn't they had chamber pots and then the poor maids got to dump them?
In the New movie version of Pride and Prejudice during the director's commentary they said that before a large party the women would fast and take laxatives before the event because they wouldn't be able to use the bathroom ALL evening.
icky, huh?