Friday, May 23, 2008

On the Green Front I am so excited, our town finally gave out recycle bins for plastic and cans. I even dug out of my current trash to find the items that could be recycled. This is such a large step for our very none green town. I feel like I am now part of the rest of the world.

Starting June 2 I will be going back to work since being out of the work force since 1999. It is accounting, but a different specialty so I get to learn totally new things. I am trying to get everything in order at our house, and it will be interesting to see how things work. I do know that as long as I am employed, I will never clean my house again. That is the best part.

I still have not had time to take pictures of all of my vacation yarn stuff, maybe this weekend. I still have not washed all of our vacation clothes and I think the family would rather have clean undies rather than me having great blog pictures. I just don't understand their priorities. lol

Let me hear from you.


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Amanda Deardorff said...

congratulations on the new job! how exciting!