Saturday, November 07, 2009

Life is Good
I have always like the Life is Good products and it was so ironic because last night we had a general family discussion (read big fight) about getting new cell phones and all of us pretty much went to bed angry, but this morning I noticed that the coffee cup I reached for was my Life is Good Peace cup and when my dear husband finally got up, he had on his Life is Good Golf shirt, so all is well and Life is Good. (I still don't know about the cell phones.)

On the Weight Loss Front
I have lost 16 pounds since the second week in September. YEA!!! I think I may have finally found a program that works and that I can stick with. I love all the staff at the Methodist Weight Management Clinic and it has just been great. I hope I can keep it up.
One the Knitting Crochet Front
I have finished objects. First the shawl I did for my mother out of the hand died yarn we got when we were in Lancaster Co., PA:

This is just a simple shawl. I cast on 40 stitches using no. 15 circular needles and just kept adding a stitch at each end. It was great fun, but I thought I was never going to run out of yarn. I told my mother that I was sure the sheep were breeding and multiplying the yarn as I was knitting it.
The second is a circular shawl that I crocheted out of the yarn my dear husband bought me last Christmas. I love it. The patter is from Vogue Crochet to Go Shawls. I think I already have an Amazon link for this book. It has a ton of great wrap patterns that I can't wait to make.

And I save the best for last, next weekend I will be in knitting heaven. My dear husband gave me three knitting classes with Cat Bohrdi of New Pathways for Sock Knitters fame. I can't wait, I finally get to meet a knitting rock star. I got Cat's Lorna's Laces yarn which was recommended for the classes and I got some Malabrigo for the Mobius class and some Noro sock yarn for whatever else comes up. I still need to get a 47 inch cable circular for the Mobius class, but they had not arrived at my LYS yet.
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