Thursday, April 16, 2009

On the Knit/Crochet Front I cast on the Imagine sweater and I swear I can never start anything in the round without getting it all into a big twisted mess. Well, I frogged it and started over with a knit cast on and have had no problems since. I also got the last hank of Aracunia Ranco Multi that I needed to complete my Circle/Swirl shawl and I hope to complete it this weekend, because I need it for a trip that I am going on next weekend. How do we get ourselves into these deadline messes. Aren't we doing fiber art for fun? Fun should have no deadlines.

On the Weight Loss/Getting Healthy Front Monday I visited a nutritionist and I really like her. The main thing I am working on this week is portions and slowing down when I eat. Both are hard, but slowing down for me is the hardest. Everyone in my family eats fast and I have to really concentrate to slow down. I am still considering having the lap band, but I am not there yet.

Go do something just for the heck of it.


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