Saturday, November 15, 2008

I know that you have probably given up on me, but please do not I am still here and I am just trying to find my balance between all of things that this blog is about and work. So I am going to get back in this habit.

Saturday Morning Book Review

Metatropolis by various Sci Fi Authors

This has got to be the best near-future Sci-Fi I have read/heard in a long time. Metatropolis is a compilation of five novellas, each written by a different author. However it is not just a jumbled up anthology. The difference, the authors came together and built the world that they would write about. So, each novella is set in the same world, not the same city, but the same world. Each story shows a different aspect of what life might be in the near future. There is political intrigue, but you understand it because it is only about 50 to 100 years in the future. There is reference to events that have happened in your lifetime, like 9/11, our failing economy, our job losses, climate change and much, much more. Metatropolis is how this group of authors sees how the human race could deal with each of these issues and survive. At the first I refered to "hearing" this work and I did. I downloaded it from Audible, , and this is a work that, I think, needs to be listened to. The best part is that one of the stories is read by the actor that plays Ty on Battlestar Galactica (the new version) and another story is read by the actor who plays Dee from Galactica. So this was a nice little respit from the Galactica season break (I am not sure what I am going to do when it ends for good next year). Stefon Rodniki is also a reader and he is always one of my favorite Sci-Fi voice actors. Check Metatropolis out and let me know how you enjoyed it. I have added the Amazon Downloadable version to Favorites-Book Reviews.


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