Wednesday, July 09, 2008

I know that it has been forever since I have posted, but with the new job and giving my dear son a graduation party, I have been very busy. I have been keeping up with things though and when I can collect my thoughts I will write a more meaningful entry.

Have you noticed the Bush counter. We have less than 200 days of having him in office. I hope the next one is better or I will put up a counter for him.

On the Green Front If you are out somewhere or if you are having a party away from home, make a box for all the recyclable items to go into and carry them home to recycle, that is what I did at my son's party. We do not have a way to recycle at church so I just kept up with all of the items I could and put them in my recycle bin when I got home. I am sure that our pick up people are going to love me this week. This also took little or no extra effort on my part. Think about what you can do at your next function.

On the Knit and Crochet Front I am currently working on a baby blanket for a friend due in October and I am working on a scarf for the Shakespeare group that I belong to on Ravelry. I want to let you know about a great new site that I have found, . There are dozens of free patterns for both knit and crochet and there are some very popular ones to buy. I think that this site is someway connected with Interweave Press which of course is the best thing out there for knit and crochet. Check out . I will also add a link to it on the right.


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