Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I know that has been forever since I have posted, but life has been very busy since I have gone back to work. Lots has happened since we last visited. I finally got to start the yoga class at work. It is so great. Everyone moves and modifies for their needs, but our teacher includes some advanced stuff so that we know what we are working towards. She starts class with a great breath work and then ends with some great meditation and corpse pose. The Fitness Release Time that I get as a benefit has got to be one of the best benefits I have ever received at a job before. I can go to yoga and not have to watch the clock for a one hour lunch. We receive up to 3 hours per week to work out, but at the most, I will only need 1 1/2 hours per week. Oh and having my cute yoga mat bag to carry my mat in it great also. As soon as I get batteries for the camera I will take pictures and post.

On the Crochet Front Saturday I participated in the Houston area meet up of the World Wide Knit ( and Crochet ) in Public Day. It was held here at a local mall and we had over 80 knitters and crocheters. I think the local mall crowd wondered what had invaded their territory. I met some great yarn crafters, saw some beautiful yarn and found a new local yarn store. I can not wait until next year.

On the Weight Loss Front I am now exercising more regularly since I have more scheduled days and since it is encouraged at work. I have not lost any weight though and it is getting very discouraging. Maybe next week.

Let me know how it is going for all of you.


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