Saturday, June 26, 2010

Key Lime Murder

By Joanne Fluke

A Hanna Swenson Mystery

I know that I am working on a masters degree in literature and I will go toe to toe with you anytime discussing Shakespeare, Austen, Wharton and Toni Morrison, but I still love my serial murder mysteries that have food or fiber arts themes. Joanne Fluke is one of my favorite such writers and Hanna Swenson is the best thing from Minnesota since Garrison Keelor. Hanna is the thirty something owner of the Cookie Jar who, to her mother’s chagrin keeps finding dead bodies. She has two great guys vying for her attention but she lives with the best guy, her cat Moisha. Each one of the Hanna Swenson stories has a great story and great recipes, and not just cookies. The Key Lime Pie Murder centers around the local fair and rodeo and what can happen when people are being judged for their roping, riding, beauty and cooking (not the same person doing all of those things, but that would be interesting, maybe a new reality show). I am also excited that I found out from Joanne Fluke’s website that she is going to write a cookbook with all of the Hanna Swenson recipes to come out next year.

Pick up a copy of The Key Lime Pie Murder from Amazon or have it sent to your Kindle (which is now a great new lower price if you don't have one already).



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michael said...

I work at a Barnes & Noble, and I keep seeing these books around. I really want to know, how does one incorporate cooking and knitting/crocheting into series of murder mysteries!?

I would go ahead and read one of the books, but I've got a laundry list of books I need to read before I indulge in anything off that list.